Our product – Your uniqueness

We produce clothing fabrics for haute couture and prêt à porter, mainly in two collections a year: Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter, presented in the most important fabric trade shows.

Our productive and research process does not depend on the seasons, however, and that is why we are constantly promoting new stylistic ideas that can give a unique quality to collections for clients who are always looking for exclusivity and distinctiveness.

Our main fabrics include:

Yarn-dyed fabrics

Yarn-dyed and jacquard fabrics are a speciality of Effepierre Spa. We consistently offer innovative designs, the product of a creative process that combines originality and attention to detail. Every jacquard fabric is made with the greatest attention to the smallest details and, precisely because of this, it is greatly prized and sought-after. Jacquard fabrics can be produced using silk or polyester warps, or even double warps.

Yarn-dyed fabrics offer limitless possibilities as almost any type of yarn can be used for the weft, without any restriction. That means we can produce any kind of pattern, design or article: fil coupé, light or heavy, damask, embossed, cloqué, matelassé.

Plain fabrics

Plain fabrics are made of natural, synthetic or mixed fibres, with weaves or jacquard traditional, dyed in traditional or bright colours. 

Every fabric is dyed with industrial processes that are specific to the type of fabric and its composition.  

Printed fabrics

We print fabrics using all the main printing techniques:

  • Ink jet
  • Traditional
  • Transfer Printing
  • Devoré 
  • Pigment
  • Discharge
  • Lacquer

Effepierre Spa is pleased to research designs created by companies in-house, or to develop designs made according to client wishes.

Our internal style department oversees every aspect of perfecting designs according to client specifications to ensure the best reproductions on fabrics, depending on the type of printing used. 

Effepierre Spa has a particularly extensive design archive that is available for research or specific studies. 


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