Como: where Fabrics become celebrated around the World

Effepierre was created in 1987 to meet customer demand for high-end textiles for haute couture and prêt à porter.

Our passion for quality in our product and our attention to sustainability finds its natural home in the area around Como, a place that has become celebrated in Italy and internationally because of its high-quality and professional
textile and clothing industry.

It is here that the industriousness, passion and constant attention to changes in the market from small and medium-size Italian firms make the difference, and mean that the silk-making sector is at the highest international level.

It is because of this know-how, with a high level of qualitative and technological content and the flexibility of these companies, leading to tight production times, that Como has become an international symbol of high-quality fabrics.

Because company design is a weft that is woven with innovation and tradition.

Effepierre: only the very highest Quality

Our commitment and passion for high-quality creative output, which is innovative within the sector, are the basic features of every project that we create. These qualities have allowed us to win the trust of our growing client base, and have positioned us in the luxury segment of the market.

Our company has always accompanied clients with the highest levels of professionalism, is always in step with the times and takes a leading and active role in developments in the textile sector.

This promise translates into a number of concrete benefits and advantages, for example:


which assists us in understanding requests, thanks to the development of a synergetic exchange of ideas, and allows us to provide total support in making the product through our professionalism and technical/artistic/cultural heritage.

The broad range

of printed, plain woven and yarn-dyed fabrics made from an extensive selection of natural and artificial fibres.

The constant development of ideas

new both in terms of design and also the weaving, colouring, printing and finishing techniques used

The constant innovation of products

always new, modern and technologically advanced and able to meet the new challenges posed by the market, and to the latest quality standards.

The continuous attention

to ongoing improvements in fabric quality and in the stages of the work process, while respecting ethical, social and environmental codes.

The constant investment

in research and development.


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