Quality as a constant goal in everything we do


Quality is a product standard in the luxury clothing sector and it has always been a goal that our company follows, with constant qualitative improvement both in production processes and in fabrics, with particular attention paid to worker welfare, environmental protection and proper social conduct.

 That is why we oversee every stage of the production cycle, focusing on product tracking and tracing, a primary condition for obtaining total quality. This also means that we can continuously monitor the progress of production, and thus provide constant feedback to clients on delivery times.

For this purpose, we have pursued certifications that allow us to keep pace with the latest regulations and give our clients the most trustworthy level of service.

Certificazione Tessile Seri.CO

Effepierre SPA is a Seri.Co certified brand (for more information go to www.textilecomo.com), a recognition of quality, the health and safety requirements of the fabric and of the manufacturing system behind it. It means that our products are manufactured in full conformity with ethical, social and environmental policies. 

The finished fabric is subjected to laboratory tests to check compliance with the parameters required by applicable legislation (REACH, GB Test, Detox) and also with the toughest requirements from the market. A careful final qualitative check of the finished product is conducted, examining its look, elegance and excellence. This means that:  


every single metre of fabric is checked to verify that it meets the required standards.


work can be optimised and better results obtained, reducing waste and mistakes. 

The outcome of this process is that Effepierre fabrics meet the needs of customers and final consumers, who will always opt for a quality garment made with the skill and lengthy experience that characterise Italian-made products.